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Get to Know Me and My "Why"



Brittany Reiling, Doctor of Physical Therapy

People ask me "why" I started Milestone Moments Pediatrics.  The reason is simple.

"Because I'm a mom too!"

I have two wonderful children who both have their own stories, driving my passion to work with children and families in the early stages of life.

My journey with breastfeeding my daughter was hard, painful, full of tears, and eventually led to me having mastitis and bottle feeding.  Throughout this time I carried a TON of mom guilt.  I followed all suggestions and yet... I couldn't breastfeed.  Even giving her a bottle was difficult. 


Looking back now, I know that her tongue tie prevented her from being able to nurse or take a bottle well.

This now drives my passion for: bodywork with little ones to relieve muscle tension and partnering with providers who recognize the importance of addressing tongue and oral ties through therapy, and when needed, perform releases.

Then came my son who taught me about torticollis & head-shape.

Immediately upon having my son, I recognized a flat spot on his head and that he only turned his head left. I knew he had torticollis and would possibly need a helmet.

I immediately went to work on stretching his neck and positioning techniques to prevent the flat spot from getting worse.

While I was a pediatric physical therapist at the time, torticollis was not my specialty.  Because of this (and a lack of sleep), I did not catch that torticollis affected his WHOLE body!

I also wasn't aware that torticollis involves stretching, strengthening, motor skills and a TON of brain work!

Looking back now, it's all obvious, but at the time I didn't know!

I wish I'd known his history of being breach placed him at high risk for torticollis.  I also wish I'd been educated that my son's reflux and insane preference to throw his body in half BACKWARDS, can go hand-in-hand with torticollis, making it more difficult to correct and progress with developmental milestones.

Ready to enjoy these early years of life?

My son 


While I can't change our past,


"I am determined to change the future for children and families now!"

My wish is for all families to be educated in order to feel empowered to provide the best care for their babies, and to feel heard and supported. 


"I aim to take the stress out of the early years of life and instead, help create 'Milestone Moments,' and memories that families will look back on for years to come!"

My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Kinesiology from Texas A&M (Whoop!)

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Hardin Simmons University

  • Experience in acute pediatric hospital, outpatient and home health settings

Additional Trainings:

  • Baby Begin - Proud to be a plagio warrior!  Dr. Brittany has received extra training in torticollis AND treatment of plagiocephaly WITHOUT a helmet!

  • Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) Level A - Dr. Brittany has partnered with professionals around the world in embracing the benefits of cutting edge DMI training! DMI training is a hands-on approach that leans into having babies work against gravity and use their vestibular system in order to do the "brain work" needed to progress with developmental milestones.

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Ready to tackle these early years together?!

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